Free Wordpress Themes Lesson by Adee

Two Ways to Install Free WordPress Theme.


Here you will learn how to install Free WordPress Themes.

#1. To Install Free WordPress Themes Go to and sign in using your username and password.

#2. You will now land to the Dashboard, Now you will have to go to Appearance -> Themes.

Free WordPress Themes

#3 Now, you will able to see all the themes which are already installed onto the website. One of the theme will be activated, which will be your default theme. There are two options in order to change your Free WordPress Themes for better look:

  • You can use the search fields to search for a theme, the results will be shown from the official site theme directory.
  • You can upload a theme from your hard drive which you have downloaded from some other source.

You need to click ->Add new.

Free WordPress Themes

#4 How to choose and install the best suitable theme for your website using the official WordPress theme directory.

The easiest way to install a Free WordPress Themes is to use the official theme directory. Each theme are tagged with their functionalities, you can choose a theme by looking at their tags. If you actually know the name of the theme you want to install you can search for it.


#5 There are many options if you worry to use them, You can use the Feature Filter in other to get the exact functionality you are looking for.  You can simply check those tags you want to select for example: Two columns, white or black with a theme which has Flexible Width. You just need to check these tags and click Apply Filters button.


#6 Now, you will be able to see all those themes according to your selected tags and requirements, Simply choose the best theme and Press Install. WordPress Application will automatically download and install the theme.


#7 Simply Click Activate link which will appear on the next page.

wordpress theme

That’s it now you can go to the front page of your site to see the brand new look.


#8 How to upload a theme you have downloaded from a different source.

To do this you simply need to go to Themes -> Install Themes section from your WordPress Dashboard. To make this possible you need to click on Upload.

(You can download Avada-v3.9 Premium theme for free)


After you click upload you will get a screen where you will have to choose file from you computer make sure that you upload .zip version of the file and then click Install Now button.


WordPress will extract and Install the theme in few seconds and all you will need to do is press the Activate button.


Congratulations!  you successfully learned how to install Free WordPress Themes by using two ways.

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Do you want to know how to install the Demo of a theme you will upload from your computer? because without a demo setup you cannot set a website according to your requirements, I am really eager to know if you are willing to know how to install a demo of a theme.

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