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How to rank website on Google quickly 2016



Hi, what are the best tricks for website ranking is most asked question and discussed issue on the internet. We are living in such a era where most of people are dependent on computers and cell phones. And people do blogging and builds websites as well. The most powerful tool for ranking website is blogging and article writing. However, what one should do if website have zero visitor?

Everyone knows that writing a blog or article and leaving it as it is, not a good work enough. Everyone should do a social sharing if wants to get traffic and wants higher ranking in google. But social sharing is quite difficult and boring work for ranking in google. Besides this there is another way that someone can use for better results. You did not need to have thousands of followers on Twitter or fans on Facebook. You can start your blog or article with zero fans and followers and can see the results within a week or two. I am here to share my experience with you, for creating and formatting blogs and articles for better results.
1. Use at Least 700+ Words Per Post – Most people recommend that there should be 1000 words to 2000 words per article. It’s quite good for some times but if your post contains 700+ words, it would be enough if you have a quality content. The most important thing in blogging is quality of your content. If you have a post comprising on 700+ words and have a quality content, it would be much better as compared to 2000 words post which don’t have good and useful content. Most visitors get bored scrolling down and down in a long article and they move to another site, if there is no respective content according to visitor requirements. So write compact article with maximum output and results which will help you in your blog ranking.

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2. Keyword Density –Many people say that keyword density should be 02% of your article. It means your keyword should be there for 02 times in every 100 words of content. And should be 20 times in 1000 words article. But this is not good enough for best results. I recommend you that your keyword should be in your 1000 words article for maximum of 4 to 5 times and not more than that for website ranking.

3. Keyword Formatting –I am not in the favor of keyword formatting. Because google is smart enough to evaluate what you are trying to show. So avoid repetition of keyword. The best way for presenting your keyword is that, write once in title as a bold, then secondly in subheading, then in your last paragraph of article. If you are writing a large article more than 1000 words, then once in middle of the content.

4. Interlinking Posts – This is the best way to get higher ranked in google. For this you should have hundreds of articles in your website so that you can interlink them with each other using a anchor type code. Using outbound interlinks will helps you in ranking higher like famous websites for example redirecting to or any outbound site which can create a link between yours and others websites.

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5. Post Extras –you should also add images and videos to your article it will help you a lot. But before adding do not forget to give name using keyword and alternative text to your additive materials. And you can also make video by video maker using a good background picture and upload it to YouTube then embed this video in your article. In this way, within 2 to 3 weeks you will be on Google’s first page for your desired keyword which will increase traffic to your website.

These are 05 useful tips which can help you a lot. Now do not go here and there and just start blogging and earn money. Do not lose hope, if you did not get results just do it again and again. Mostly people focus on money that when I will get the earning from blogging just leave that thinking and make focus on posting. You will be definitely rewarded when you will make a helpful, useful and precious work in your article. You will get the results following the above instructions. Website ranking in Google becomes easier when you work hard.

Keep Trying Until You Succeed…!!!


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