Maximum Adsense Ad Units

Maximum Adsense Ad Units On A Single Web Page


Maximum Adsense Ad Units on a single Web Page

Maximum Adsense Ad Units, UPDATE: This clause has been updated in September 2016 with the latest information.  Read carefully, as this can help you make more money from Adsense.

We all know that AdSense is (to date) the best contextual, high-paying ad network.

But Adsense also has very strictly enforced program policies.  If they detect that a website is in violation of their TOS, they will permanently disable the offending account.

It is very important to follow AdSense’s quality and plan guidelines in order to avoid having your Adsense account banned.

Here’s one of the most common questions new bloggers ask: “What is the maximum number of Adsense units I can place on a page?”

Google AdSense offers different types of ads and most are categorized in the following formats:

  • AdSense For Search
  • AdSense Link Unit
  • AdSense Content Unit

AdSense Content Unit: Earlier, Adsense had a maximum boundary of 3 ad units (while “premium partners” enjoyed serving up to 6 ad units).

You can directly place an unlimited amount of Adsense ads on a page. Nonetheless, advertising and other paid promotional material added to your pages should not exceed your content.

In other words: You also need to maintain the quality of your website.

AdSense Content Units are available in following sizes:

  • 728*90
  • 468*60
  • 234*60
  • 125*125
  • 120*600
  • 160*600
  • 180*150
  • 120*240
  • 200*200
  • 250*250
  • 300*250
  • 336*280

Personally, I have found 336*280 and 160*600 to be the most efficient & most beneficial for web page.

(Note: I have set about serving ads using Ezoic which is also helping me to increase my overall revenue.)

AdSense Link Units: Adsense Link Units perform really well when blended with your topic and placed above the fold.

I tested this by placing one in the Navbar and it worked out to be one of my best-performing ad units.

Again, you can place unlimited Link Units as long as the advertisements are not exceeding the content.

AdSense For Search: For a big site, Adsense For Search units perform really well.

How many Adsense ads can you place on a page? Maximum Adsense Ad Units

As referred above, Google has lifted the limit restrictions.  As long as your ads do not exceed your content, there is no upper bound on the number of ads on a single page.

It’s important to observe that while picking the number of ads, you should think about the short posts on your blog.  If you decide to place more than 5-6 ad units, and you are placing them sitewide using a plugin, you might be spamming your own short posts with a large number of advertisements.

Adsense has explicitly mentioned:

“We may restrict or disable ad serving on pages with little to no value and/or excessive advertising until changes are made.”

So I advise you keep less than 5 ads per page. I usually stick to 3 or 4.  But you should distinguish your own limit according to your blog’s layout.

A few things which I have found out from my own experience:

  1. Sometimes 2 ad units perform better than 3 ad units.
  2. Placing ads above the fold yields better outcomes.
  3. A combination of image + text ads performs better.

There are many different options available for the placement of ads, but I highly recommend using a minimum quantity of ad units or utilizing adverts only at the bottom or on the sidebar.  Let us know how many Adsense ad units you are using on your web log. Now that Google has lifted the limit, are you using more Adsense ad units, or are you keeping it the same? Please, share your experience in the comments.




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